Shared-Dream, Determination, Patience, Endurance & Sacrifice!

On my way to the new Wingei High School 25/09/19, I stopped at the Bugusu Primary School to tell the teachers the good news that the school is finally registered and their first ever TFF funds of K10,500.00 has been paid.

The school is amongst the 11 new schools we finally fast-tracked their registration in the last 3 – 6 months after struggling for 6 – 7 years.  Bugusu Primary School is now a fully-registered school with 28 approved positions and ALESCO payroll numbers allocated.

I am extremely proud of the Bukitu, Suanumbu, Bevendu, Nilibaim and Malabaim people of West Yangoru LLG and the teachers of Bugusu for their resilience, hard-work and determination to educate our children.  Parents and community contribution and the teachers’ determination and hard-work kept the school going for 7 years.

Seeing their determination, the YSDDA has invested over K450,000.00 in double classroom for Elementary School and a Four in One classroom which will be officially opened soon.

Bush materials teacher houses at Bugusu Primary School

As you can see in the picture, all the staff houses are bush material houses.  We will continue to prudently manage our scarce resources to meet the competing education priorities, and progressively replace bush materials houses in due time.

The Guarip people from Maprik District also attend the Bugusu Primary School, so any funding support from the Maprik MP to the school would be much appreciated.

Bugusu is a classic example of how teachers and communities stepped up to establish a school to give opportunity to every child to be educated under the TFF education policy, which made education affordable for rural families.

Let me conclude by saying that TFF is a good policy.  It provides economic affordability and physical accessibility for kids to get an education.  The policy needs to be complimented by education infrastructure, quality education and effective management of educational institutions.

The DSIP of K10 million per District is also a good policy of the PNC-led Government, which I will strongly push to retain as without such a policy we could not have supported infrastructure development in self help schools like Bugusu Primary School, which is finally registered.

TFF is not a new policy.  Visionary leader Sir Peter Ipatas started free education 25 years ago.  See the result and value of educated Engans today!

The double classroom Elementary School (white) now in use and the 4 in 1 classroom (green), both funded by YSDDA

Bugusu Primary School did 7 years without any TFF.  They overcame the challenges of pioneering a new school.  They provide a good lesson of what a shared dream, sacrifice, patience and endurance can bring – Joy At Last.


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