We are consistent!

The quality of education infrastructure like classrooms and teacher houses are the same throughout the district, even in the most remote places in my Sikau Range.  Every institution gets state-of-the-art facilities.

And even more!

We deliver quality and good value at less cost.  Communities also provide land for free and contribute sweat capital for construction of schools.  That is how the people of Yangoru Saussia have aligned themselves to my leadership and vision for the District.

Kastom Wok mas go yet whilst my Mande and great Chief Eric Wangihau witnesses.

I had the honour of opening the beautiful Five (5) in One (1) classroom at Eastern Primary School on Thursday, 26 September.  The school was established by my Chief of the Sikau Range Eric Wangihau in 1982.

I am humbled and grateful to walk in the footsteps of my great Chief Wangihau who since the early 1970’s has provided leadership for our people and placed emphasis on education.  He was also instrumental in the creation of the Kanauki District – now Yangoru Saussia District.

I am very impressed with the new building, the finest building I’ve seen in any primary school, in my District.  I challenged the teachers, students and the community to take care of the facilities, which cost us K300,000.  Next year, the second staff house will be built.

We have invested in schools and roads so far.  But that will not continue if the people do not change their behaviours and attitudes.  No more drugs.  No more illegal guns and  no more steam.

Official ribbon-cutting and opening of the 5 in 1 Classroom at Eastern Primary School

I have put my own people of the Sikau Range on notice to willingly surrender before my planned major police operations in the area to arrest steam or white soup suppliers and users and  armed gangsters terrorizing  our people.

I cannot talk about cleaning up Yangoru Saussia unless I clean up my own place Sikau Range.  Attitudes and behaviors must change.  Focus on godliness and quality education.

We must change our attitudes.  Enable kids to attend schools.  Do not teach them to smoke and chew betelnut.  Disciplining kids starts at home.  We must give freedom to our women and girls to move around freely.


Students of Eastern Primary School and their teacher
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