It’s an easy mistake!

To sit back and complain that the Government’s Tuition-Fee-Free (TFF) is a political gimmick that resulted in over-crowding in schools, drop in education quality and insufficient education infrastructure.

Yes, I understand these are some of the many challenges.  The challenges are the reasons why we have leaders.  Find the opportunities in the challenges.  Create solutions!

The classroom and teacher house at Japaraka Primary School, funded by YSDDA (K100,000)

Every Papua New Guinean citizen, Districts and communities must also take responsibility to transform our societies, educate our children and make our country great by complimenting good Government policies such as the TFF education policy with local initiatives on the ground.

I encourage my people of Yangoru Saussia and our community leaders to take initiative first and the DDA will  come in to assist.

Japaraka Primary School (‘Japs’) is another story of how three communities of Japaraka No. 1, 2 & 3 in Yangoru Saussia District contributed from their own pockets to build a school so their children can be educated.

We reward communities who take initiative.  Together we can achieve our goals.

They did their first fundraising in 2012, raising K3,700.00.  They had disagreements as to where the school should be located and which agency should run the school.

Further fundraising and community contributions raised K11,859.00.  With that money, plus sweat equity and other equipment and materials offered by the community, they built the first double classroom and two teacher houses.  In 2013, they enrolled their first Grade 2 and 3.

The first double classroom the Japaraka Community built from their own fundraising

The YSDDA assisted them with a K100,000.00 funding.  The community prudently used the funds to build an excellent double classroom and a teacher house which I had the honour of officially opening for use on 27 September, 2019.

The school is one of the 11 schools we secured registration for so it should be smooth sailing from next year. I have a further K100,000 this year for two more new classrooms and more funding next year for two more staff houses.

Pioneer students of Japs now in Grade 9 at Nagum Adventist High School with their teacher

The Japaraka people deserve all the support from me as their local MP and my DDA in recognition of their tears and sweat to finally have their own school to  educate their children and give them the best chance of a better life.

I have challenged the school and its management and staff to focus now on quality education resulting in academic excellence, so their children can compete with the rest of the District, Province and the country, post- Secondary Education.

I challenged community leadership and parents to ensure students strive for excellence. 




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