I have an ambitious dream for the education of our Yangoru Saussia children!

And that is for Yangoru Saussia to be the leading District in not only producing quantity of educated citizens but quality education, academic excellence and Christian values and principles.

Nagum SDA High School

I was honoured to be invited by Nagum SDA High School to be their guest at their 16th Grade 10 Graduation yesterday (18 September, 2019).  The good news I told them is that this will be the last time for the school to operate as a High School.

The Provincial Education Board (PEB) has approved the school to enroll its first Grade 11 students as of next year (2020).  I offer my sincere gratitude to the East Sepik Provincial Education Board for supporting the efforts of the School Board  and management and DDA and my personal efforts over the last years especially in improving its academic performance from being 18th in the Province to 4th last year and the significant investment in critical and much needed infrastructure.

Progressive Investment in Education Infrastructure

Since becoming the MP for Yangoru Saussia in 2012, we started by investing over K1 million  in upgrading the then inaccessible Kusaun to Nagum road.  We further invested K2 Million in electricity connection from the Sepik Highway at Kusaun junction on the Sepik Highway to Nagum, so the High School received electricity from the main Wewak Grid for the first time in 60 years of its existence.

Further investment in education infrastructure includes six (6) staff houses completed, two (2) double-story dormitories and four (4) classrooms on target for completion before 2020 school year.

These are progressive investments over 7 years towards the goal of having three (3) secondary schools in the District.  The approval by PEB is a milestone worth celebrating.

Water pipes for the water supply

Finally, after 60 years!

Nagum will now have clean and safe water.  The students and teachers will no longer have to use the unsafe and muddy surface water for their everyday needs from the Nagam river.

The educational institution will now have a bore water system and rain catchment.  I express my sincere gratitude for the National Government’s WASH (Water, Health & Sanitation) Program  which is providing clean and safe water to secondary and high schools such as Nagum, at the cost of K500,000.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), an WASH Partner, is now working on installing the water system for the education institution.  I am deeply grateful knowing that our children will no longer use unsafe water and become victims of water borne diseases. They will concentrate on their education.

Three New Science Labs

I am also grateful that the National Department of Education has awarded the tender for three new science labs at Nagum, which will be constructed any time from now at the cost of K1 million.

Peace and Security

As the school is growing, we need peace and security.  The YSDDA has committed to building the Nagum Police Station.  Work is underway to complete the new Nagum Police Station which should be completed early next year.

Vision & Strategy

My vision is for Yangoru Saussia to be a godly, progressive and prosperous District.  For that to happen Education is the key.  I place education the number two priority after God being First.

We must educate our children based on godly Christian values, principles and ethics.  We must educate them to be law-abiding citizens.  I believe this will address the law & order challenges amongst the youth population.

Numbo Junior High School will be administered by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  It will be a feeder school to Nagum.  Palmalmal and Kusambuk are administered by the Assemblies of God (AOG) Church.   Kusambuk is a feeder School for Kubalia Secondary School.

The progressive milestones are the stepping stones towards the bigger goal of Education in Yangoru Saussia District.  We are constrained by resources but prudent financial management and prioritizing based on strategy has brought us this far, with God’s providential blessings.

MP Maru inspecting work at Numbo Junior High School. First Grade 9 intake in 2020.  

Reward for Performance

I challenged the Principles of Passam National High School, Kubalia Secondary School, Nagum High School, the President of Sausso LLG, Ward Members and leaders present at the graduation that I will reward good performance.  I would like to see schools in my District to compete amongst themselves academically and in the leadership and management of these institutions.

I am extremely pleased with Nagum’s academic results for 2018.  Nagum SDA High School came fourth in East Sepik and came first out of all the SDA High Schools in the country.  Nagum did better than Kabiufa, Kambubu and Mt Diamond.  It is my commitment to help schools that are performing better to continue the standard of excellence.

Acknowledging Leadership

I commend the leadership of the YSDDA CEO Mr Fanston Yaninen and the staff of YSDDA for their tireless efforts in ensuring that our projects are implemented and our goals are achieved.

I also thank the Head Master, Staff and Board and Management of Nagum SDA High School for taking initiative and leadership in managing our school and ensuring our children are not only taught academic subjects but Christian values, ethics and principles.

My special thanks to the East Sepik Provincial Administration, especially the Provincial Education Board for their undivided support to this vision for education.

All Honour and Glory to God

I give all honour, praise and glory to God for His providence, blessings, wisdom, and for His guidance in transforming Nagum.  Whilst we have a long way to go, our small steps are paying off.  In time we will have an institution that not only excels academically but produces godly citizens.  As I mentioned at the graduation, YS aims to be the leading District in not only producing quantity but quality education and academic excellence

Education remains the key priority of the District.  My aim is not only to transform Nagum but Kubalia, Yangou and all the other junior High Schools.




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