It’s Not a Myth!

Construction work is progressing very well on the Sepik Chicken & Grain Project.  Roofing now up on five (5) of the ten (10) sheds as can be seen in the picture below.  Roofing for the other remaining 5 will start next week.

Sepik Chicken & Grain Project at Haripmo, Sepik Plains

How will this project transform the District as well as the Province and the country?

(1)  The project will produce niaka (chicken and eggs ) which will meet the chicken requirements for East and West Sepik. We won’t be buying from Zenag and Niugini Tablebirds in Lae at higher transportation cost.  There will be cost-savings.  The price of chicken should come down.  More people will afford niaka as a cheaper source of protein for their health and well-being.

(2)  The project will generate 400 to 500 new and sustainable employment for the District and Province.

(3)  We are working with the company to establish the farmer training centre which will train farmers to produce niaka commercially under the Out Grower Program to sell to the processing plant. I have ensured that 50% of the requirement shall be supplied by small-holder commercial chicken farmers

(4)  I am creating many chicken farmers SMEs in my District. It would cost K50,000 to establish one small-holder farm.  The Yangoru-Saussia DDA will provide bank guarantees under the District Credit Guarantee Scheme for farmers to go into chicken farming.  With the BSP Bank Branch built in Yangoru Station, our farmers will be assisted to establish and grow their businesses.

(5)  Creating grain farmers SMEs. Local farmers will also go into grain farming to supply the poultry project, which will produce its own chicken feed.  This will reduce cost of producing niaka and the cost-saving passed to consumers in reduced costs.

(6)  Research has established that malnutrition and undernutrition robs PNG children and the cost to the economy has been estimated to be over a Billion Kina. Our project will produce eggs, which will be a very cheap source of highly nutritious protein which the mothers can afford for their children.

My ultimate goal for health is to make available a very cheap source of protein for children in our District and to reduce malnutrition, under-nutrition and stunting.

I take this opportunity to thank PNG Power for completing the powerline project to the Project Area and now call on David Wereh the Secretary for Works to commence the upgrading and sealing of the road from Yekimbole to the Project site at Huaripmo. The contract has been awarded and we need to have the road completed before we go into the production phase from January 2020 onwards.

I appeal to all our people especially those working in other parts of the country to support your families and relatives with equity funding to support them get into the commercial chicken business from early next year, so they can compliment their earnings from their cocoa business.


“Together We Can Do It”


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