The very high demand for WASH in rural village communities, and our education institutions and service centres in our YS District has placed significant stress on our limited resources to meet the ever increasing demand for WASH services.

His Excellency Bruce Davies, Australian High Commissioner opens the Baimuru WaSH Project in YS District

Contribution by Partners

Since my election in 2012 we have delivered WASH services to the following villages in partnership with the our partners OXFAM and Water Aid and our development partners. Under our partnership agreements with both our WASH NGO’s the local village communities provide both sweat equity and a 10 percent cash contribution towards the total cost of delivering the WASH Project to the project beneficiaries eg a village or ward, while the YSDDA provides 15 percent cash funding while donors provide 65% cash funding to fund each project.

We have also completed the Yangoru Town Water System built at the cost of K11 million now managed and operated by Water PNG. The designs have just been completed for the Kubalia Town Water Supply System and soon as I received the detailed designs and costings my task will be to secure funding for built the new water supply system for Kubalia Station, which will include the Secondary School, Health Centre and supply to the station residents.

WaSH Project Launched

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project for the Yangrou-Saussia District was officially launched by Australian High Commissioner, Bruce Davies.The launching was held in Baimuru Village in East Yangoru on Wednesday July 4.

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Sector Target

It is important to note that as a District we want all our people in every village or ward to have access to WASH services in line with our National WASH Policy. We do not want to leave any one behind. At present only 40 percent of our people in the country have access to safe water and 15 percent have access to safe sanitation by World Health Organisations standards. Our aim as a District is to target every ward, school, health centres and church etc to have access to safe water and sanitation, as soon as we can with the support of our national government, development partners and our communities and other stakeholders. Our national target is to have 70 percent of our people to have access to safe water and sanitation by 2030 . In our Yangoru Sausia District under my leadership is working hard to achieve this target.

It is very important that I make clear that while every village community wants to have WASH services only those where the bulk of the village people ie over 90 percent of families ie each family house meet their equity contribution,will we commence the WASH Project in the Village, by the District providing counterpart funding for the project to commence.
We are on track to complete three villages in the next month or so ie Munji, Holik Yaremboim and Maringe and expect to see Nindipari coming on line next.

For some villages in East Yangoru we are still waiting for the entire village to pay up their K600.00 (10%) and the wait has gone on for three years. I will not provide the District contribution until they reaches our targeted equity contribution.

For some villages in East Yangoru we are still waiting for the entire village to pay up their K600.00 (10%) and the wait has gone on for three years. I will not provide the District contribution until they reaches our targeted equity contribution.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want any clarification, on the WASH program inn our YS District.

Yangoru Town Water Supply System

WASH Progress Report

I now provided a tabulated update on which projects have been completed, which once are work in progress and which ones are about to start because the community has meet the requirements for both the District and our donors and the WASH NGO to secure counterpart funding for the WASH Project in the communities.

Table A

ProjectLLGTypeStatusNGODonor Partner
Wiamungu VillageSauseWater TanksCompletedWater AidDFAT
Rabiawa       VillageSauseWater TanksCompletedOxfamDFAT
Japaraka  1 and 3SauseWater TanksCompletedWater AidDFAT
Kusaun VillageSauseWater TanksCompletedWater AidDFAT
 Baimuru VillageEast YangoruWater TanksCompletedOxfamDFAT
Pachan VillageEast YangoruGravity FedCompletedOxfamDFAT
Pampanien VillageNumboGravity FedCompletedOXFAMDFAT
Kwiahim VillageNumboGravity FedCompletedOxfamDFAT
Sause NumboguNumboGravity FedCompletedOxfamDFAT
NumboguNumboGravity FedCompletedOxfamDFAT
HaruaNumboGravity FedCompletedOxfamDFAT
Yangoru StationEast YangoruSurface Water SystemCompletedWater PNGGOPNG
Munji VillageSauseWater TanksWork in ProgressOxfam
Maringe VillageEast YangoruWater TanksWork in ProgessOxfam
Holik YaremboimWest YangoruWater TanksWork in ProgressOxfam
Nagam Adventist High SchoolSauseBore WaterWork in ProgressADRAGOPNG

In summary we have funded and delivered 12 WASH Projects and have another three nearing completions while we have four others with designs being completed while for Nindipari and Kwakwie we are still collecting the required 10 percent equity from the rest of their families before we can round of the numbers and get the projects started.

As I stressed earlier, as a District we are targeting at least 90 percent of the families to pay up before we commence projects as we would like everyone to be included if at all possible, because we have 96 wards to provide WASH services and those who miss out we will not be coming back too, when we have completed their village WASH Projects. It is important you all appreciate for water tanks the whole catchment system for each family cost K6,000 each. Given the cost per family, I fully appreciate that families left behind will not afford the services so some patience and understanding is required from us all, when we take longer to start some villagers because of their own delays.

I trust the explanation I have provided will explain why some of you are waiting a lot time to get your WASH Projects started in your village because the District is still waiting for all to pay up the 10 percent equity contribution. I encourage you all our town and city dwellers to support your families at home( wia), to meet their equity fees (10%) and join the WASH projects in your respective villages in YS to improve the health and well being of our people in our rural communities.

The citizens of YS must all unite and share the burden of improving the quality of life of our people.





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