The Yangoru Saussia District will pioneer the country’s first District Secondary School of Excellence concept commencing in the 2020 academic year.  The District School of Excellence concept is an initiative aligned to the National Government’s policy of quality education and academic excellence.

The concept is the brainchild of the former Minister for National Planning & Monitoring and Member for Yangoru Saussia Hon. Richard Maru.

Under the concept, which we are piloting at Yangoru Secondary School, the top 5% Grade 10 students from all our 5 High Schools in the District will be selected purely on academic grades to complete Grades 11 and 12 in the School of Excellence.

The elite and most able academic students will study in one of the most modern and brand-new school with boarding facilities at Yangoru Station that is being built by the Government of Australia at the cost of K18 Million.

The School of Excellence has 120 spaces a year. The top students in Yangoru Saussia District will no longer go to a National High Schools after Grade 10. All students will be boarding only as there will be no day students under our policy.

For the pioneer 120 students ninety (90) will come from Yangoru Saussia District whilst the other thirty (30) will come from the East Sepik Province.  Students with high grades in English, Mathematics and Science will find a spot in the School.

I am deeply grateful to the Australian Government for the K18 million world-class educational institution that will trial the School of Excellence concept, primarily focusing on improving the quality of education and academic excellence.

The Yangoru School of Excellence construction nearing completion. Funded by the taxpayers of Australian at K18 Million

The Yangoru Saussia District has been getting undivided support from the East Sepik Provincial Education Board for its efforts to educate all its children to Grade 12, leaving no one behind, and to improve academic performance and outcomes.

Our strategy in pioneering the School of Excellence compliments the Government’s Tuition-Fee-Free Education Policy.  The concept takes a holistic approach to improving the quality of education in PNG.

Yangoru Saussia District is the first District in the country to establish the District Academic Board as part of our strategy.  The core function of the Board is to co-ordinate the delivery and management of educational services in the District to achieve quality education for all our children.

District Exams is one of our initiatives in partnership with the Divine Word University Kaindi Campus.  The initiative is used to assess how kids are performing by setting independent external District exams to assess and monitor academic progress of students.  The District Exams process also identifies the best talent to go into the School of Excellence.

After a year of operation, the Yangoru Saussia District Academic Board will be officially launched at the Kubalia Secondary School during its graduation.

The Yangoru Saussia District will also launch the District Quality Education Policy.  This policy takes a holistic approach to improving academic outcomes for students.  The policy encompasses interventions from pre-elementary to year 12 and includes health and proper nutritional diets for children.

Building more educational infrastructure like classrooms, teacher houses and new schools is just one part of the equation.  It must be holistically complimented so we don’t just educate children for the sake of education but we give them quality education, ethics and values and principles to become better citizens.

The YSDDA’s infrastructure towards the School of Excellence concept has been the building of the modern state-of-the-art Administration Building at the Yangoru Secondary School at the cost of K500,000.00 from DSIP funds, which I officially opened 26 September, 2019.

The new Administration Building at the Yangoru Secondary School

If this concept is successful, it will be rolled out to the other Districts of East Sepik Province.

I am extremely grateful to the Chairman of East Sepik Provincial Education Board Mr. Raymond Bakavi for assisting my District as well as working with the Yangoru School of Excellence and the District Academic Board towards achieving our goals. We also thank the High Commissioner of Australia His Excellency Bruce Davis and his staff for all their support and efforts to date to making our shared dream a reality. We also thank the building contractor for a job well done.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the outgoing CEO of Yangoru Sausia District Development Authority Mr Fantson Yaninen for the leadership he has provided to bring the work this far and we will work with our incoming CEO Mr Jacob Yafai and all stakeholders to deliver the pioneer students and teachers for our 2020 Academic Year.

The Yangoru Saussia District Education Strategy.  My speech during the opening of the Yangoru Secondary School Administration Building Opening.





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